Pawan Kalyan a Trend Setter in Politics

The much awaited Pawan Kalyan’s new Party has borne. The name of Party, JANA SENA is touching the hearts of common man. The way he spoke; the way he narrated; the way he presented convinced his fans that it is a hope for alternative politics. The political analysts commented positively with his maiden speech and looking for more details in coming days.

His comments on current affairs more particularly in the context of division of State is straight forward and won laurels from independent and unbiased political watchers. He was able to spread strong message against divisive mindset and provocative language. His satires on leading politicians are well received by Public. The biggest contribution of his message is creation of conducive political environment for healthy debate in both the areas instead of hatred one against other.

He also spreads the message: ‘Country first and individual next.’ His views on caste, religion, and region are well received by Public. He touched the hearts of common men with his maiden speech. He proved that JANA SENA is not old wine in new bottle. It is something different from traditional Parties. At the same time, we have to wait for some more time before framing total opinion.

His anti-Congress tirade may be taken positively by other political Parties in the State. TDP, Left Parties and YSRCP may try to rope in JANA SENA into alliance with them. We must watch the developments keenly in the coming days.

Lastly, he maintained fine balance between family and politics. His respect to his Annaiah did not come in the way of his firm commitment towards Society. Overall it is a positive development in AP politics.

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