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Chennai School's Assignment to Parents Goes Viral

Chennai: All work and no play makes jack a dull boy remains just a saying even for school students these days with the amount of classwork and homework they are busy doing.

So much so that, to keep up with the competition, these students go for vacations with a truck load of assignments to complete. But for the students of a Chennai school, it is all play and no work this summer vacation. 

Perhaps why the assignment list from the school is now going viral. And the assignment is not even for the children but for their parents.

The holiday assignment of Annai Violet Matriculation and Higher Secondary School highlights the importance of spending time with loved ones. 

To begin with, the parents must have at least two meals with their children and teach them the importance of farmers and not waste food. Dignity of labour, building a rapport with neighbours, bonding with grandparents, raising their own garden, loving animals are some of the things that parents will have to teach their children, says the list put out by the school’s Chennai branch principal Lydia Devasagayam.

A list from the Coimbatore branch of this school, which is also doing the rounds on social media, has also requested the parents to send pictures of the activities to the school or make a photo album with it.

“In our times we used to play outdoor, get hurt, and visit our grandparents. Holidays meant fun. These days, children hate school. The words stress and pressure is already in their dictionary. It is important for them to learn values at a time when even their parents are being selfish and money-minded in this competitive world,” Lydia told.  

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