Watch:How To Make Cold Coffee At Home
Cold coffee is a drink that has almost a universal appeal. It's perhaps our most frequently made order of drink at restaurants. We look at an order of cold coffee perhaps as a dependable and safe one, which is more likely to leave us feeling satisfied, no matter where we are ordering from. Cold coffee is a simple drink, which has just a few ingredients and is therefore, difficult to mess up. But no matter what we do, we often find ourselves failing to recreate the taste of the restaurant-style cold coffee at home. A perfectly made glass of cold coffee is supposed to be thick, but not too thick, sweet but not overpoweringly so and creamy with just the right amount of coffee to really give you a burst of energy and happy hormones that are bound to be released.

This mix of a strong coffee flavour, with the right amount of sugar and milky creaminess, is difficult to achieve. Additionally, there is the ice that also needs to be added to the mix in the right amount, lest it will end up making the whole concoction too watery. There is no one recipe for preparing cold coffee. Some people like to make this sweetened drink with condensed milk instead of using sugar separately, while some others skimp out on the milk and go all-out and add big dollops of vanilla ice-cream to the mix. You may alter the recipe of the drink according to what you prefer, but if your coffee is weak then you may end up compromising the taste.

Here's a recipe of cold coffee by YouTuber Manjula Jain that you may follow to make restaurant-style coffee at home

Here are some tips to make restaurant-style cold coffee at home:
1. Quality of coffee:
One of the most important things to remember while making restaurant-style cold coffee at home is the quality of the coffee used. Ideally, one must use espresso prepared from real coffee beans for the most authentic taste. But if that is not available, you may use good quality strong instant coffee and dissolve it in plain hot water to get the espresso-like flavour in your coffee.

2. Sugar: You may add sugar syrup to your coffee, to ensure there are no remnant sugar granules. Make sure you taste the coffee before pouring and serving to ensure the right amount of sweetness. Adjust the level of sugar by adding milk or coffee.

3. Secret Ingredient: You may add just a little bit of cocoa powder to make your drink more rich and decadent. But don't go overboard with the chocolate or the taste of coffee may be suppressed. You may use a little bit of unsweetened cocoa powder or even drinking chocolate to garnish.