Chocolate Marquise


600 Gram Dark chocolate (melted)
175 Gram Castor sugar
6 Pieces Egg yolk
6 Pieces Egg
70 Gram Cocoa powder
10 Ml Coffee
500 Gram Cream
50 Gram Berries

200 Gram Dark chocolate

100 Ml Fresh cream

How to Make Chocolate Marquise
1.Whisk castor sugar, egg and egg yolk to a sabayon.
2.Fold through cocoa powder followed by the melted chocolate.
3.Whisk the cream with the coffee then fold through chocolate mix.
4.Set in moulds in the fridge overnight.
5.Make chocolate truffle with melting chocolate and warm cream.
6.Demould chocolate marquise and pour chocolate truffle.
7.Garnish and do plating with fresh raspberries.