Watch: Easy, Healthy Low-Fat Pepper Chicken Recipe
If you are looking to shed a few kilos, then this is important to understand that it may take some time and determination and you need to be patient. While there are many factors like regular workout, yoga practice and mindfulness that play an important role in losing weight, diet also plays a crucial part in shedding weight, and one has to keep a watch on what they consume and how much they consume. Weight loss is not an easy feat, but some of us are now turning towards various Indian dishes to lose weight and there's a significant reason for that. As per various health experts and nutritionists, India is full of locally grown foods, which are known to help us in losing weight, increasing stamina as well as boosting immunity. We don't need to rely on supplements to lose weight; all we need is healthy eating.

Indian spices are brimming with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory oils, which is why health experts and nutritionists suggest adding them to our daily diet. Moreover, Indian spices add their unique flavours to our meals and are great for our digestive health. They help in reducing gastritis, acidity and bloating. One of such incredible Indian spices is black pepper. Black pepper is one of the most common and popular spices one can find in Indian households. It is used extensively in curries, raitas, kadhas, sabzis, pulaos and biryanis. It is packed with various healthy minerals and antioxidants. Additionally, if you have tummy woes like bloating or indigestion, then you can bring black pepper to your rescue, as it helps boost digestion and also facilitates weight loss.

Black pepper comprises a compound called piperine, which helps improve digestion and metabolic performance, thereby, reducing fat accumulation in our body. Adding black pepper to our daily meals and recipes may help in managing weight.

On that note, here is a recipe that has black pepper as one of its main ingredients, with chicken, turmeric powder and green chilli as other key ingredients. This recipe is low in fat and calories so that you can easily make it a part of your weight loss diet and savour it whenever you crave something as delicious as lemon chicken or malai chicken. Well, who knew 350 calories (or less!) could taste so good?!