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Elon Musk offered $150,000 for porn role: Report

It’s probably not wrong to state that Elon Musk is presently one of the coolest CEOs in the world. He sent his personal sports car on top of the first Falcon Heavy rocket, with a dummy ‘Starman’ in the driving seat — no other organisation had ever thought of that. Recently, he was filmed doing weed joints on the camera for a podcast and world went bonkers. However, what’s more, crazy is a new job offer for the Tesla CEO.

According to a report from The Sun, Musk has been offered the role of an actor for a porn film with XBlaze — a porn company that specialises in content themed around weed-based sex tapes. The XBlaze CEO, Jeff Dillon, said, “As the founder and CEO of XBlaze with a similar love of adventure, I believe that we could make an incredible film together that combines your endless energy, exploratory nature and can-do attitude."

Dillion even went on to praise Musk for his ‘adventourous spirit,’ which makes him fit for a role in a porn movie involving weeds. That’s why his offer includes a paycheck of $150,000 and a day’s supply of smoking products. XBlaze assures him that he will “have a lifetime of indelible memories from his day with them during the shoot.” Dillion also pitched in for a porn parody based on Musk’s subterranean tunnel construction business — The Boring Company.

If you think that Dillion is doing some kind of parody, then you are mistaken. “As an influential and popular entrepreneur and media personality, I hope you consider our offer and respond at your earliest convenience,” he wrote. Musk hasn’t reportedly replied to the offer yet, but it makes him possibly one of few rich entrepreneurs in the recent times to be offered a role in a porn movie.

What do you think? Should Musk go for it? Should he venture into a completely new territory, thereby making him a smartest and one of the richest porn stars in the planet?

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