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Everlasting memories

Aswathy T.S’s solo art show, Mnemonics, features works that stem from her memories.

The word mnemonics is linked to memory. “In detail, it means the study and development of systems for improving and assisting memory,” says Aswathy T.S., whose exhibition Mnemonics goes on at Kerala Lalithakala Akademi Art Gallery in Thrissur. “This is my first solo show and comprises works that are inspired from my memories,” she explains.

In total, there are 45 works done in mixed media. Aswathy says, though she specialises in painting, she is open to all sorts of mediums. “I love to experiment,” she says. Her penchant for novelty reflects in her works that are made with materials such as paper, dry leaves and cloths. “Each work is an experiment. I have never found experimentations challenging. I am, in fact, thrilled to experiment,” she adds. The elements are placed not merely for newness. They carry meaning. For instance, the leaves in her works denote women. Ask her why, she reasons, “Leaf is the most important component of a tree. I equate leaves with women as the latter forms the core of a society.”

As Aswathy’s works stem from her memories, they follow a dull sepia tone. And, the edges are torn reminding viewers of old papers or books. It was a conscious decision. “Memories are old. The sepia tone is given to bring that sense of the past. The tone also signifies earth,” says Aswathy, who is currently pursuing her MFA in painting at Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady.

From her childhood to young years, the artworks chronicle different stages. “They are slices of my life,” says Aswathy, a native of Angamaly. “I started exploring mediums one and a half years ago. So far, I have tried my hand in cloth, dry leaf, paper, canvas, cement, terracotta, graphics and prints. I make sure that I use eco-friendly materials. If I like a medium, I will stick to it for a long time, which has been my practice,” she smiles. She has no doubts about the durability of elements. “I coat the works with varnish. So, I believe it will last long.” And, Aswathy is determined to go on.

Mnemonics is on till January 26.

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