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Settlers, Vote TDP For Swarnandhrapradesh

Thanks to Chandrababu's role in the development of the IT sector and revolutionizing e-governance in Hyderabad, TDP has a strong admiration club in the GHMC region. It won't be a major surprise if the yellow brigade causes a few upsets to the TRS and other contesting parties in the upcoming elections.

Like in every election, the TDP has been using its trump card - the campaign song "Kadalirandi Telugu Desa Karyakarthalara" which has been inspiring its cadres and voters for several years, even for the GHMC election campaign. Interestingly, TDP continues to use the lines - "Swarnandhra Ratha Nirmananiki Nadum Katti Randi" in its GHMC campaign.

While there have been several discussions about TDP's audacity in sloganeering Seemandhra sentiment in the GHMC polls, the party's cadre is giving them a fitting retort saying that the Seemandhra settlers will vote for TDP for a Swarnandhrapradesh kind of development in Hyderabad and that the Telangana locals will vote for TDP, looking at the way AP and Amaravati are being developed at a jet speed.

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