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Venkaiah Naidu to Rajya Sabha Members, Questions Should be Crisp, Answers Sharp

New Delhi: Questions should be “crisp” and answers “sharp and to the point”, Rajya Sabha chairman M Venkaiah Naidu suggested to the House members on Tuesday so that the Question Hour could be better utilised.

Naidu made the suggestion to members after some of them asked lengthy questions, prompting him to inform the members about the decision taken at the business advisory committee of the Upper House.

“Questions being asked should be crisp and brisk and ministers also should not elaborate the answers. As and when there is a discussion, ministers can add things,” he said, urging members to keep this in mind while asking questions.

Naidu said members have raised it in the business advisory committee that only a few questions are taken up during the Question Hour and some suggestions were made. “Please keep it in mind that in future the question has to be crisp and the answer also has to be sharp and to the point,” he told the members just before the House adjourned for lunch.

Naidu said that in the Business Advisory Committee, members have requested the Chair unanimously that up to 10 questions should be taken up.

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