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New Delhi

Venkaiah's Footwear Goes Missing In MP's Home

NEW DELHI: Venkaiah Naidu received a rude shock when he visited the house of BJP MP PC Mohan who represents Bangalore Central Constituency on Friday morning.

The Breakfast Meeting which began at 7.30 am was meant to meet friends and well wishers in the BJP. As per the custom, Vice President left his sandals outside the MP's residence before entering inside. Venkaiah Naidu found his footwear missing from the MP's front yard after the end of meeting. Quickly, Security Personnel of the Vice President swung into action to find the missing sandals but they weren't successful.

Reportedly, A BJP Worker who wore the same brand of sandals mistook Vice President's footwear as his own and walked away from there. It's quite funny as he wore 10 Size of his slipper and 11 Size of Venkaiah's slipper.

Even MP PC Mohan confirmed the same version. He also informed that the party worker has realized his mistake and came back to return the footwear.

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