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Is This Happening With Pawan Kalyan's Guidance?

The simplicity and down-to-earth nature of Pawan Kalyan is known to everyone. This is why he have more number of hardcore fans than any other Tollywood Star. Literally, Fans worship Powerstar like a God because of the way he leads his life.

Pawan Kalyan's Simplicity is being highlighted during his ongoing tour. Whether it's climbing Tirumala hills by walk or Sitting beside Dogs/Dustbins or Accommodation in rooms with no VIP Facilities, Focus is on how simple Jana Sena Chief is like in his real life.

Recently, Jana Sena Shatagni Team shared the pictures of Ambedkar Bhavan where Pawan Kalyan stayed during his tour in Visakha. Other than a cot, dressing table and chair, There was nothing in the bedroom. Sharing the picture of bedroom in bad condition raised many eyebrows. Does Shatagni Team need to do this to highlight PK's simplicity? The campaign has come to the stage that few people have been doubting if this is happening with the guidance from Pawan Kalyan. At least from now, Shatagni Team need to keep in mind where to draw the line or else it's their leader who would end up paying the price.

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