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Kanna accuses N Chandrababu Naidu of trying to kill Amit Shah

VIJAYAWADA: AP BJP president Kanna Lakshminarayana on Monday alleged that Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu had planned to assassinate BJP president Amit Shah in Tirupati when he went to the Tirumala temple with his family.

“Everybody saw that stones were pelted at Amit Shah’s vehicle, but DGP Malakondaiah couldn’t,” he said, recalling the DGP’s statement that only a stick struck the car.

Speaking at the BJP’s Maha Dharna here on Monday, Mr Lakshmina-rayana alleged that TD cadre and the police had planned to attack the house of BJP MLC Somu Veerraju.

“Whoever questions the TD government or Naidu, the police is registering cases against them. The police is forcing them to hold the TD flag. If not, they are threatening them with severe punishment,” the AP BJP president said.

He said the TD government was corrupt in every aspect. “300 pages are not enough to write all their corrupt practices,” he said.

He said Mr Naidu travelled in special flights and stayed in seven-star hotels.

He alleged that there was corruption in constructing the temporary secretariat at Velagapudi, pooling land for the capital Amaravati and even in the construction of toilets in villages.

He alleged that Mr Naidu had cheated Kapu, Boya, Vaddera, fishermen and Rajakulu people in the name of reservations.

“Knowing that you cheated Vajpayee, Narendra Modi welcomed you into the NDA. He assumed that you may have changed with age. But you have not changed,” he alleged.

The TD, however, rejected all allegations. “Do you have any evidence for your allegation,” asked TD AP president Kimidi Kala Venkata Rao and said the TD had not given a call for a protest during Mr Shah’s visit.

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