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New Delhi

Man throws his mother in front of tractor to stop rival from cultivating land

New Delhi: In what is perhaps the most deplorable thing a son can ever do, a man in Maharashtra's Washim reportedly flung his mother in front of a tractor being driven by another man with whom he had a land dispute.

News agency ANI reported that the accused had lost a case of dispute for the land on which the other man was using his tractor for cultivation. To stop him, the elderly lady for thrown in front of the tractor. While it is not clear if the woman received any injuries, the act of putting his mother's life in peril is indeed repulsive.

While the entire incident is now being investigated, local police officials have begun criminal proceedings against the man for his horrific actions. And not surprisingly, people on Twitter too have expressed their disbelief and disgust.
The identities of the accused and his mother have not been revealed.

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