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When Venkaiah Naidu pulled up Union Minister Jitendra Singh for displaing 'imperial mindset'

Rajya Sabha Chairman Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu today pulled up Union Minister Jitendra Singh for using the "colonial" expression of "I beg to" while laying official papers on the table of the House.

When the House met for the day, Singh laid the papers concerning the Department of Space, saying that "I beg to lay papers listed against my name...".

This led Naidu to say "we have given up begging one year back. You are lagging."

He said members can just state that "I rise to present a report etc. They need not beg," he said.

Naidu said though the expression "I beg to.." was not unparliamentary, it would be "proper to Indianise it".

After taking over as the Rajya Sabha Chairman last year, Naidu had advisedwhile tabling the listed official papers in the House.

As a practice, most of them earlier used to say "I beg to lay the papers ... listed against my name in today's order paper."

Naidu had asked members to shed the "imperial mindset" of using "I beg to lay" the papers in the House.

Almost all have followed Naidu's instructions but there have been occasional slip-ups.

Minister of State for Law and Justice P P Chaudhary had used the term "beg" on the opening day of the Winter Session of Parliament in December last year, leading Naidu to remind him of the new norm.

Yesterday, Naidu spoke in 10 different languages in Rajya Sabha.

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