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Caste Doesn't Matter! Pawan Explains!

Pawan Kalyan has been meeting people from different walks of life in Bhimavaram as part of his ongoing Porata Yatra. He expressed his views about the caste-based voting citing an example during Praja Rajyam Party stint.

Jana Sena Chief: 'Dasoju Sravan, a good friend of mine, belongs to Viswabrahmin Caste. PRP offered him Secunderabad MP Ticket in 2009 Elections. As many as 1.38 lakh votes were polled for him though there aren't many from his caste in that constituency. After PRP was shut down, Sravan moved to TRS and worked for Telangana Movement sincerely but that party denied him even MLA ticket citing vote bank of his caste is too less to fetch victory. That ill-treatment prompted Sravan to join Congress'.

Certainly, PRP should be appreciated for taking the risk of fielding Dasoju Sravan in Secunderabad Lok Sabha segment. Such a move could set a good precedent only when the result is favorable. What had either PRP or Sravan achieved other than experience? It's easy to say Caste doesn't matter in the elections but the reality is that majority of people still get influenced by it.

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