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Girl slips off moving train in Mumbai, is saved by other passengers in this horrific video

In an undated video that’s going viral, a young woman is seen narrowly escaping death despite falling off a running suburban train in Mumbai. But thanks to some quick reactions by fellow passengers, the woman was prevented from falling on the tracks.

In the footage doing rounds across social media platforms, the girl is seen travelling on the footboard of a local train in Mumbai with earphones on. She is seen adjusting her clothing a few times, but when a train passes by on a parallel track she suddenly slips and falls. Commuters standing near the door are grabbing hold of her hands and pulling her back on the train. She is then pulled into the train seemingly unscathed where she collapses.

Although it is not clear where and when the incident took place, the logo on the train on the parallel track indicates that it took place on Central Railways in Mumbai.

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