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KCR Launch Attack - CBN Raises Questions!

Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao hasn't been sparing even his AP Counterpart during the election campaigning. While calling him Telangana Drohi & Andhra Devil, TRS Supremo questioned what will be the fate of Babu if he opens the third-eye?

AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu shot back at KCR by raising few questions: 'Why shouldn't TDP have existence in Telangana? Why should he abuse Me? What's the fault of mine? Is it wishing to see Telugu People maintain good relations a crime? Was working day and night to develop Hyderabad my fault? Has TDP done something wrong by fighting against Babli Project which proves costly for North Telangana? I won't attack anyone personally and using harsh language isn't my style. I would only talk about ideologies. Crossing the line isn't good for anyone. I have a character…I will safeguard it, won't slip the tongue ever'.

Babu asked people to recall how KCR showered praises on him during the poll campaigning in 2009. He told, 'KCR himself credited him for the development of Hyderabad. Now, They have been reaping the benefits of it. There will only be hatred if we fight daily. Why would I be scared of Modi?'.

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