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Why CBN Mayn't Campaign For Grand Alliance?

TRS has given utmost importance to the campaigning to win the target 100 seats. KCR has decided to conduct his public meeting in each of 119 Constituencies. Whereas, Opposition Parties are unable to finalize the candidates so far. While Mahakutami seat-sharing appears like a never ending exercise, Parties like BJP & CPM are waiting to encash on the group wars and revolts in Congress, TDP & TJS.

Whether or not, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu will campaign for Grand Alliance in Telangana is a million dollar question. If Babu takes part in the public meetings, TRS Leaders would certainly question, 'Do we campaign in AP? Why Andhra Leaders are campaigning in Telangana?'.

As per sources, TDP Supremo isn't keen to campaign for Mahakutami. He wasn't even involving directly in the seat-sharing with Telangana Congress. An indication was given to T-TDP Leaders that neither he nor any of the AP Ministers would campaign in Telangana Assembly Polls.  

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