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Damodar Raja Narasimha Wife Padmini Join In BJP

We didn't believe when the BJP leaders had all along been saying that they have their plans ready for Telangana. They have always been saying that the would cause major upsets. We thought it was empty talk aimed at keeping up the morale of the diehard party worker. But, what BJP achieved today has left everyone from every party shell-shocked. Many couldn't even believe what they were watching on the TV screens.

Former Deputy CM and Congress biggie Damodar Rajanarsimha's wife Padmini Reddy quietly came to the BJP office and joined the party. Not just that! She said if asked she would contest from Sangareddy. Damodara, who was busy with the campaign, appeared stunned at this development and rushed home. He is not available for comment. The Congress party itself looked shocked and had no plausible explanation as Damodara is no ordinary leader. He was deputy CM and is currenly chief o the manifesto committee.

It turns out that the man behind the whole drama is none other than Swami Paripurnananda. Padmini Reddy is a staunch devotee of Swami Paripurnananda and regularly visits him.  Sources say Paripurnananda played a key role in ensuring she changed sides. It is well known that several politicians have close links with Paripurnananda. So, it is possible that more leaders could switch sides.

Meanwhile, sources say that Damodara wanted to contest from Andhole and wanted Sangareddy for his wife. But, the Congress told them that it was not possible to allocate Sangareddy to her.So, she took the plunge. Some sources say that Padminiā€™s move has Damodara's tacit support.

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