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Morning Joined BJP, Evening Quits BJP, Joins Congress

In a dramatic turn, wife of Congress manifesto panel chief and former Deputy CM Damodar Raja Narasimha, Padmini Narasimha, was in news on Thursday for joining the rival BJP.

Hours after she had joined BJP in the presence of state chief K Lakshman who inducted her into the BJP with the party's Safron shawl (Kanduva) and after hailing Modi and his government's performance, Padmini had taken a clear U-turn by the evening. By evening, she had returned to the Congress fold. Owing to growing pressure from various quarters, Padmini has joined back Congress.

"As I don't want to hurt our followers in Congress party, I have taken back my decision to join the BJP," Damodar Padmini announced today evening at her residence in Andole. "I did not expect this kind of huge reaction from the followers. I couldn't bear the pain of our followers," she said.

With the return of Padmini to Congress, Telangana Congress leaders and Damodar Rajanarsimha have taken a huge sigh of relief.

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