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Pawan Responds : Chandrababu Naidu's Meet With Rahul Gandhi

As expected, Chandrababu Naidu's meeting with Rahul Gandhi has invited flak from the opposition parties in the state. Even as Naidu clearly explained that his alliance is due to "democratic compulsion" to save nation and the democratic institutions as well as to get the justice to AP by getting Special Category Status, Pawan Kalyan has attacked Naidu's move to join hands with Congress.

Responding to it, Pawan said that this is Naidu's trailer and his film is due for release. Pawan turned into a soothsayer and predicted that Naidu's film would be a flop. "Looking at what happened yesterday (Naidu - Rahul Gandhi's meeting), it is clear that Chandrababu has reached to where he had started - Congress. He should had done it in 2014 itself," Pawan commented.

Meanwhile, Pawan started his train journey from Vijayawada to Tuni. Pawan claimed that he is going into public with Yatras to understand the problems of people. He maintained that he is not doing Yatras for power.

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