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Pawan Kalyan Imitates CBN, Gets Ultimate Response!

Pawan Kalyan continued to entertain public even though he took a break from films for political aspirations. The way he is mocking Political Opponents in the public meetings is really making the gathering go berserk.

During the Porata Yatra at Jaggampeta, Jana Sena Chief imitated none other than CM Chandrababu Naidu. While uttering 'Tammullu...Meerandaru Thyagalu Cheyali' just alike the TDP Supremo, PK made it clear to Jana Sainiks that he wouldn't ask them to make any sacrifices - 'Tammullu...Mimmalni Tyagam Cheyamani Nenu Cheppanu...Nenu, Ma Party Mee Kosam Tyagam Chestam'.

Loud cheers from the crowd indicates how much the imitation of Pawan Kalyan has enthralled them. The kind of response he received might prompt him to continue mocking TDP Supremo.

This incident might have certainly embarrassed TDP Leadership, Leaders and Cadre. They would surely think about the counter attack options available at present.

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