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Is KTR's Comment On Maha Kutami Coming True?

Known for his strong comments and witty one-liner, KTR has recently said that the TRS would distribute sweets (to celebrate its victory) even before the Maha Kutami finishes the distribution of the seats. This sums up the situation in the Maha Kutami today. Though barely 32 days remain for the D Day, the Kutami partners are yet to decide on the set-sharing.

The Congress wants Kodandaram, but does not want to give him many seats. Kodandaram is getting lot of respect from the Congress boss, but not the seats he wants.  He gets respect in Delhi, but when it comes to seats, he has to fight his way at the "Gully" level.

With the dealy in the seat-sharing, the Maha Kutami candidates are lagging behind in campaign. The ticket aspirants are not willing to spend money in the constituency, because they are not sure of the seats. With this, in several places, the TRS is slowly gaining ground. The TRS candidates are slowly gathering pieces and are coordinating their campaign. KTR too is working very hard to turn things around. All these have now created doubts in the minds of the Maha Kutami aspirants.

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