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Mahakutami cannot challenge TRS: Koneru Konappa

Kaghaznagar: Sirpur(T) Assembly constituency TRS candidate Koneru Konappa here on Monday exuded confidence that the TRS would return to power.

Speaking to The Hans India here,  Konappa said the people would vote for the TRS because the welfare scheme have reached all sections of people.

“Frankly speaking, we do not need to meet people for the sake of votes and publicise our work. TRS president and Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao always ensured that we interacted with the people and conducted one or other programme. The Congress leaders are coming out to campaign after about four and a half years, he said.

He is confident that the welfare schemes implemented by the TRS government in the last four and half hears would secure votes to him. The people reposed faith in the party because it had fulfilled all election promises. The TRS, after returning to power, would implement all pre-poll promises like enhancing pensions.

He said as many as 300 km of road network was laid to provide connectivity to 30 habitations. Works on the 31 bridges were taken up improving connectivity to several villages. Similarly, interstate bridge being erected across Pranahita between Gudem and Aheri of Maharashtra would be completed within two to three months, besides transportation, the education sectors were improved. Eight residential schools were established.  

Bejjur primary centre was upgraded to a 30-bed hospital, while community health centre of Kagaznagar town was converted into a 100-bed facility. Two new mandals,  Chintalamanepalli and Penchikalpet, and Khagaznagar  revenue division, were created for taking the administration to the people.

Under the leadership of KCR, he said, “We are able to revive the sick Sirpur Paper mills (SPM). It is a landmark achievement. It will transform the lives of 10,000 people. Residents of the town and workers of the paper manufacturers expressed happiness and are blessing the government and party.”

Mahakutami comprising the opposition parties cannot challenge the TRS. The TRS is a disciplined party. The opposition is still in disarray, he said.

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