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Pawan Kalyan promises representation to Rellis in elected bodies

Kakinada: Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan while expressing concern over continuation of manual scavenging and untouchability expressed his solidarity to Relli social section.

Addressing the Relli Association members at the meet organised at G- Convention Hall here on Monday, Pavan assured to stand by the social section and even announced that from Monday onwards he is member of Relli social section.   The meet was called to know the problems of the Relli social section.

Pawan on this occasion assured to provide representation to the social section in elected bodies and provide all the support in reaching political representation.

He also assured to use his good offices in scrapping of GO No 279 which brought in contract system in provision of employment to Rellis from the earlier mode of hereditary system.

Paying tributes to the Relli social  section elders, Pawan said that while the Jawans keep the country boarders safe the farmers keep feeding the people by cultivating food grains, the scavengers keep society clean by scavenging activity.

Pawan assured to provide them housing and an environment for decent living.

Earlier, Relli Association representatives Talupulamma and   Ramalingeswara Rao narrated the woes of their social section and sought  Pawan’s cooperation for respect in society.

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