Know Who Decides The CM If Congress Wins In Telangana?
Reddy community is the backbone of the Congress in Telangana. In fact, the anger and disenchantment at their marginalization in TRS rule is one of the prime reasons for the Reddys from various parties to regroup under the Congress umberella. It is the Reddys who are spearheading the anti-TRS movement. But, when the Maha Kutami wins, will a Reddy be the chief minister of Telangana? Not likely, say highly placed sources. A BC may be made the Chief Minister of Telangana if the Congress forms the Government.

Know who is behind this decision? Not Uttam Kumar Reddy. Not even Jana Reddy. Even Rahul Gandhi is not involved in this decision. This decision is Telugu Desam chief Chandrababu Naidu's. Yes. Chandrababu has impressed upon Rahul Gandhi that a BC should be made the CM of Telangana and not Reddys. Interestingly, it is Chandrababu Naidu who is calling shots in the Congress today. He is deciding the candidates of the Congress Party. In fact, he has changed six to seven names from the list that Uttam Kumar Reddy and Jana Reddy have prepared. Rahul Gandhi readily agreed to this proposal. Rahul Gandhi is okaying any proposal from Chandrababu because it is Chandrababu, who is rumoured to be funding the Congress.

Highly placed sources say that the plan to make a BC the CM of Telangana if the Congress wins the elections was decided at Amaravathi four months ago. Chandrababu met a BC leader from Telangana four months ago at Amaravati. That is when the seed was sown. So, expect Chandrababu reviewing the progress of developmental works in Telangana through teleconference from Amaravati...