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Viral: Baby Bear Climbs Snow Mountain

Video of a Bear Cub trying repeatedly to reach its Mother while climbing a snow mountain went viral. Canadian TV Personality Ziya Tong shared this inspirational video with a caption, 'We could all learn a lesson from this baby bear: Look up & don't give up'.

In the clip, Mother Bear reaches the highest point effortlessly. Whereas, It's been a struggle for Bear Cub to repeat what its Mom had done. Yet, It didn't give up at any point and finally reached the target. It's a lesson for all - Never Lose Hope!

Mahindra Group Executive Chairman Anand Mahindra reacted on the viral video: 'The best MondayMorning video. That little bear just didnā€™t give up. Iā€™ll now start this week-and every week-with that spirit. Also a lesson in child-rearing; If Iā€™m not wrong, the mother bear actually made the cub slip down again & try harder, so as to build his willpower..'.

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