Which Will Happen First - Mahakutami Seat Distribution Or KTR's Sweet Distribution?
It's just one month for the elections and the Congress is still not ready for the battle. It's still preparing for the war. The process of cobbling up the coalition seems to be like a TV sop opera that never ends. The meetings are going on endlessly , but nothing seems to be coming out of these string of meetings.

All the three alliance partners - the TDP, the TJS and the CPI are still haggling with the Congress for the seats like they buy vegetables.  The Congress has another problem. The problem is facing the problem of dissidence and rebellion. There is no problem with about 57 seats, where the candidates are more or less decided. But in other seats, there is serious problem with the Congress having too many claimants. The Congress is looking for winnable candidates with strong political, financial and social background. On Wednesday, the Congress Party's Central Screening Committee has met and is likely to meet again. Meanwhile, the ticket aspirants are camping in Delhi and are lobbying hard with the national leaders. If the buzz we are hearing is any indication, then it might take another couple of days for the seat sharing to reach fruition.

Is KTR's quip that they will distribute victory sweets before the Mahakutami seat distribution is done coming true in Telangana?