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KCR Believes In Smart Work, Not Hard Work

Though KCR has promised over 100 massive public meetings in the runup to Telangana elections, it appears he is having a rethink over this strategy. He is now of the opinion that massive public meetings are a major drain on the party finances, time and effort. If the meet fails for some reason, it will reflect badly on the party. So, KCR thinks that holding massive public meetings is useless.

Instead, he is calling up the local leaders and important functionaries about political strategies. He is telling them about how to go about while campaigning. He is ensuring that his message reaches the people directly. He has He has also ticked off proposals for addressing public meetings in surefire constituencies like Siddipet, Gajwel and others. He said some 15 constituencies donā€™t need any public meeting. He has already covered four to five constituencies. So, there would be no public meetings there.

Sources in the TRS tell us that KCR is planning to address some important meetings in the last ten to 15 days and he would travel only in a chopper to cover the areas. He would not be travelling by road. So, KCR feels that smart work is better than hard work. If you work smart, you will get the same or even better results, feels KCR

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