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Why Is TDP Gloating Over Congress Victory In Karnataka?

Why are some political parties gloating over the Karnataka bypoll results? Why are they trying to project it as a great loss to the BJP and a major victory for the non-BJP alliance? Why are some newspapers, especially those that are published from Andhra Pradesh gloating over this? It clearly appears that there is some agenda behind this .

Now, the ruling party always does well in bypolls and only when the ruling party loses, the people sit up and start analyzing. In Karnataka, the ruling Congress-JDS combine won four of the five seats. Let us analyse!!

Ramanagara assembly seat was won by CM HD Kumaraswamy and the constituency is a Deve Gowda citadel. The family has been retaining the seat for several years. Kumaraswamy, who won from two seats in the recent assembly elections, has vacated Ramanagara. His wife Anitha was the party candidate. The seat falls in the Vokkaliga heartland, which traditionally supports the JDS. Similarly, Jamkhandi assembly constituency was held by the Congress and the same party has retained the seat in the just-concluded bypolls. Similarly, Mandya Lok Sabha seat was held by the Congress and the same party has retained it. As for Shivamogga LS seat, the seat was held by BS Yeddiyurappa, who had to resign after being elected to the assembly. In the by-polls, his son Raghavendra contested and one. Here too, it's status quo.

Now, the real upset is only in Bellari Lok Sabha seat. In Bellari, the seat was held by the BJP and in the bypolls, the Congress had won by huge margin. But, during the assembly elections, the BJP did not want to have a truck with the notorious Gali brothers. Hence the party lost badly in the assembly elections. The same streak is continuing even now and the party had lost the LS election.

In effect, the BJP has not lost anything now. Congress has gained only one LS seat. The numbers in the assembly are not affected in any manner. But, why is the TDP making such a big fuss about it? Why is it celebrating with such gusto? What does the TDP want to project? Well! The TDP's happiness is like gloating over the birth of a child in the neighbour's house.

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