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500 Cr For Kerala - 3000 Cr For Statue! #AskModi

Prakash Raj came down heavily on PM Narendra Modi, who offered just Rs 500 crore for Kerala after the devastation caused by floods, for spending Rs 3,000 crore to build Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Statue. 'STATUE or HUMAN BEING..Dear TROLLS..and FAKE NEWS FACTORY OWNERS who distorted what I said in an interaction on GOD.. WOMEN n RELIGION..will you try DISTORTING this one too OR does it not serve your purpose..#justasking,' he wrote.

The National Award Winning Actor questioned whether if Narendra Modi is silent on the 2nd Anniversary of Demonetisation just because he doesn't have anything to boast about it. He did mention that Money Launderers and Tax Evaders are roaming free even after the Note Ban. '99.3 percent cash back into banks. Demonetisation DRAMA falling flat..what will be your staple DIET..Your own WORDS,' asks the Actor.

Had if Demonetisation became success, BJP would have created enough hungama on the second anniversary of Demonetisation. The Saffron Party remained silent as the reform had only ruined the lives of common man.

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