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Reason for Pawan Kalyan Targeting Balayya & Lokesh

Pawan Kalyan has chosen his soft targets in TDP -  Nara Lokesh and Nandamuri Balakrishna. Instead of targeting the government's failures, Pawan corners IT & Panchayat Raj Minister Lokesh, and Hindupur MLA Balayya more than anything else. According to Pawan and his team, Lokesh and Balayya have some weaknesses and Pawan feel that targeting them would be quite easy and would strike a chord with masses - especially among anti-TDP sections.

While Jagan's YCP targeted Lokesh and left out Balakrishna, Pawan targeting CM's brother-in-law too has come as a political move. And we hear that there is some base. Apparently, Balayya wasn't interested in taking Pawan's help even during 2014 polls. Even Balayya had been against to Naidu's 'high-treatment' to Pawan when they were allies. This is said to have irked Pawan and it's buzzed that Pawan is now taking revenge on Balayya by criticizing him and his speeches.

On the other hand, Pawan is simply targeting Lokesh hoping that it would earn him more brownie points and he could score politically. Even though Lokesh has challenged the opposition parties - time and again - to come up with substantial proofs for allegations against him, neither Jagan nor Pawan succeeded to do so. Instead, they are confined to just oral allegations ahead of elections.

Surprisingly, even Pawan is playing it to the galleries and resorting to politics. Instead of doing alternative politics by offering solutions to people's problems, Pawan is relying on blaming and targeting individuals and taking things personally. Is this the 'new' politics Pawan Kalyan wanting to do?

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