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Azad a ‘ghulam’ of Congress, says Asaduddin Owaisi

Hyderabad: In his address at a public meeting on Thursday in Tandur, MIM president Asaduddin Owaisi called Congress senior leader Ghulam Nabi Azad Congress ka ghulam (slave of the Congress).

“Woh Nabi ka ghulam nahin hai balke woh 45 baras se Congress ki ghulami karte aa arahe hain (he is not a servant or slave of the Prophet but he has been doing slavery for Congress for 45 years),” he said

Reacting to Mr Azad’s remark that the Congress felt guilty of its MIM association, Mr Owaisi asked, “Hamein kyun ched rahe ho, bol rahe hain hamein paala posa, kya tumhe bhi gharon mein sukoon nahin mil raha hai? Kiya tum ne hamein god liya hai, kya sheron ko bhi god liya jaata hai?’ (Why are you vexing us by saying that you nourished us? Do you also not get satisfaction in your own house? Have you adopted us? How can you adopt tigers?).” The reference to satisfaction was a sly reference to getting pleasure at home.

“The MIM was nourished by the people of Telangana and gained strength with their help,” Mr Owaisi said, adding that “Log sahih bolte agar kisi ko apna shijra jaanna ho toh Majlis se ched kahani karlo, pura nikal jaata gotra ka gotra.” (people speak the truth, if anyone wants to know his geneology he can poke the Majlis and they will reveal his gotra.

He said Mr Azad could not do anything when 65 people were killed when he was Chief Minister of J&K. He built his political edifice on the “corpse of Afzal Guru”, Mr Owaisi said and called him the “showboy” of the Congress.

The native village of Mr Azad has no road link though he was a Chief Minister. Nor has he done anything for a single Kashmiri Muslim, but had sabotaged the Kashmir issue, Mr Owaisi said, adding: “We also know who is the partner in DLF Night Club of New Delhi.”

Mr Owaisi said that he objected to Mr Azad saying that the Majlis had not done any development work. “If he wants to see what kind of development work has been done, we will show him. Not only in Hyderabad but on our representation many developmental projects have come up in Tandur, such as two residential schools each costing `18 crore, construction of 40 shops in Eidgah shopping complex, construction of boundary walls of Dargahs and Eidgahs, and construction of community halls in and around Tandur.”

He said, “I promised in the municipal elections that an ROB would come up in Tandur and `65 core was sanctioned.’’ Mr Owaisi also objected to Congress president Rahul Gandhi asking why the MIM was contesting elections in other states.

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