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Justice delayed is justice denied

      The High Court of Delhi convicted Sajjan Kumar, the then Congress MP after 34 years. Where is the justice in the country? That means he is a culprit and to establish his culpability, it took 34 years. Can anyone imagine that the person who incited the mob to massacre one set of people who belong to a particular religious community was allowed to enjoy all his life without punishment and now at the fag end, he was punished. Again in the Appeal Courts, the matter will be argued on humanitarian grounds due to old age. This is what happening in all VIP cases. In India culprits will be protected by delaying justice when they know that there is no escape from punishment. Common man in India is pessimistic about fair justice in present day environment. Confidence can be created on the existing system by not only bringing reforms in political, social sector but also in judicial system.

     In this particular case, it is not only delayed justice but also denied justice due to political patronage, commented by honourable Court. Hats off to the witnesses who pursed the matter against odds. We also must congratulate the strong determination  of present political leadership by appointing SIT immediately after coming to power. The assasination of Indira Gandhi was followed by massacre of roughly around 8000 Sikhs all over India, out of which 3000 were from Delhi itself. What sin these departed souls commited for the religious fanatic committed from their community. Why should they suffer simply for their birth in particular religion? Why their relatives waited for 34 years to get justice? Unfortunately, the relative coverage of media against such heinous crime is unfair. In case of 2002 riots in Gujarat, where 1100 people belonging to both the communities died in the riots, a huge coverage was able to sustain till today where as 1984 massacre( not riots) where victims belong to only one community was not sustained for a long. It is not my intension to undermine the 2002 riots. In fact, I congratulate the media for this sustainable campaign. My only grievance is that the same sustainability lacks in 1984 massacre issue. It is not one Sajjan Kumar. Many people escaped the punishment due to political patronage and even if this political establishment wants re-open the cases, it will be very difficult to get justice in many cases at this stage. 

   A self introspection is required among all democracy loving people that this type of democratic structure is in no way help the people. In rest of democratic countries, justice is being delivered in time bound manner. In my opinion, delayed justice is horrible and negates very justice itself. When this issue will be fixed in our country? Atleast, I am happy now that Christian Michel was brought back to the country. Sajjan Kumar was punished. Lallu Prasad was sent back to jail. But it is tip of the iceburg only. Speedy justice is required to fix the system. Otherwise people lose the confidence on the very system itself.

  One more issue is to be addressed. Whenever 1984 issue was raised, some sections will point out about 1993 Mumbai riots, 2002 Gujarat riots and 2013 Mujjafarnagar riots. Unfortunately, we are divided on communal lines, ideological grounds and also caste lines but we are not united on humanitarian lines. What an irony? Speedy justice should come in all such cases whether it is 1984 or 1993 or 2002 or 2013. This convenience of arguments one against another should end immediately. That only will protect us from injustices of all kinds. Hope wiser counsels will prevail upon political classes in the country.  

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