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Bellary Cop Harasses Pregnant Wife For Extra Dowry

A pregnant woman complained about dowry harassment to the police. The irony here is that the accused himself is a police constable. Naseema Begum (25) hailing from local Kaoul Bazar was married to Mahabub Basha. Her parents spent Rs 3 lakhs of hard-earned money to get her married and also gave her 10 tolas of gold during the marriage, one and half of years ago, according to Muslim traditions.

Over the first two months, everything seemed fine, but after that Mahabub started harassing wife for more dowry. Right now Naseema is in her sixth month of pregnancy, and in spite of that Mahabub is demanding Rs 2 lakhs as dowry promised to him during the wedding. Her father, who could not bear to see his daughter suffer, passed away recently, as she mentioned in the report.

Mahabub used hit his wife and even tortured her mentally. Naseema eventually complained to the ladies police station. Mahabub is currently working as the constable in Tungabhadra dam police station in Hospet city. Responding over the issue sub-inspector said, a case of dowry harassment has been registered and will be investigated.

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