A Suo Moto Case Should Be Filed Against Chandrababu : YSRCP

In response to Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu's comments on the High Court bifurcation and other baseless statements during the past few days, YSRCP General Secretary C Ramachandraiah reacted seriously saying the AP Chief Minister should be prosecuted on a suo moto basis. Speaking to the press on Saturday , he said that when the entire state of AP and Telangana are looking forward to having separate courts, Chandrababu is expressing displeasure.

What could be the meaning behind this behaviour, he questioned. It appears as if he is worried about YS Jagan's case being transferred or restarted. It’s preposterous for him to make such statements which show that he has no knowledge of the judicial system, but is only interested in continuing these cases against YS Jagan for his political survival.

Pointing out Chandrababu's series of mistakes, Ramachandraiah said :

It seems that Chandrababu himself is stalling the Special Status for AP. If the Centre gives the package he wanted to take all the monetary benefits for his own people .
He hurriedly moved the AP secretariat to Amaravati causing great inconvenience to the Secretariat employees and he himself shifted even though there was an option to operate from Hyderabad for 10 years.
He has flouted environmental laws and built his house on the banks of Krishna even though the National Green Tribunal has issued orders to demolish it. The Guntur Collector has also sent these orders to him, but who has the guts to take action against him.
He has completely destroyed the economy of AP and has pushed the state into deep debt.
Senior Counsel on behalf of the AP govt Nariman had submitted an affidavit that the AP high Court would be completed by December 15 2018 , and the Judges were aware that the Justice City was being completed , based on which the Supreme court had passed its verdict for bifurcation. Despite this Chandrababu is issuing baseless statements. He had paid Rs 33 lakhs fees to the Senior Counsel based on GO no 259 who argued the case. Then how can he complain about the High Court bifurcation, Ramchandraiah questioned.
He has spoken about pacts with Sonia, KCR and YS Jagan during election campaigns, but he was the only who has changed alliances and is now criticising others. First he was pro-Modi , now its anti-Modi. Earlier he was anti Congress, now he is a partner of the Congress. He can be termed as the only Chief Minister in this country with double standards and who is going against his own actions.
He is acting unconstitutionally and making ridiculous statements that Supreme Court and High Court are conspiring against the AP Government. The Judiciary should respond to these incriminating statements and ensure that suo moto cases are filed against him for insulting the Judiciary and prosecute him, the YSRCP leader observed.
Ramachandraiah said that there is no truth in any of the White papers that he has released so far. It is a clear case of corruption, looting public money, misusing funds for personal gains and robbing the farmers of their land in the name of building the capital city. He also been misusing funds which the World Bank has given as loans to the State. Perhaps he should release another white paper about these loans, Ramachandraiah demanded .