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KCR induct 32 MLAs into his cabinet and parliamentary posts

TRS achieved landslide victory in the 2018 Telangana Assembly Polls. After winning 88 seats, Two Independents joined the Ruling Party to take the total tally to 90. Only 17 MLAs can be inducted into the TRS Cabinet. What about the remaining 72?

As the state have altogether 33 districts, Its highly impossible to offer representation to all of them. MLAs from the Districts which didn't get representation in the cabinet would be made Parliamentary Secretaries. In the past, Court has rejected the appointment of parliamentary secretaries. So, TRS might enact a legislation to rule out any setbacks.

Following this strategy, Telangana CM could induct 32 MLAs into his cabinet and parliamentary posts. Six other MLAs could be offered posts such as Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Chief Whip and Whips. Few MLAs could be made chairmen of Assembly Committees. Which means, One of every two Legislators will be receiving a post and that's how KCR planned it.

Every Parliamentary Secretary will be attached to a Minister. In that way, They will be handling the departments offered to the Cabinet Minister. Wasn't it like acting as a Shadow Minister?

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