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Post TRS Win, Mahakutami Partners Undecided On Tie-Ups For Panchayat Polls

Hyderabad: The Mahakutami or Praja Front which came into the electoral fray and arrayed itself against K Chandrashekar Rao is on the brink of dissolving as per the sources. It has almost been a month since the Assembly election results are out but not a single review meeting has taken place. All the parties in the alliance, have not yet come together after the results. The Panchayat elections are around the corner, but no action has been seen from the parties on that front. Only the Congress has done a review meeting over the failure at the ballot box.

The Congress party is still wondering about the reasons for its defeat and the stunning victory by the TRS. One group from the party said they have failed in the elections because of the alliance with the TDP and that they fought alone a better result was expected. Congress party in-charge R.C. Khuntia and TPCC president Uttam Kumar Reddy seemed to back the alliance but have not made any concrete statements. This has led to many doubts about the continuance of alliance.

Panchayat elections are coming up and all the allies in the alliance have not even reached out to one another. Before the Lok Sabha elections, this is an opportunity for the parties to work towards their goals and get that synergy back, but this effort appears to be missing.

It is being said that one group of the Congress party is being critical about TDP joining the alliance. They said it is because of Chandrababu being in the front and leading the campaign that the Congress lost. The Telangana sentiment played a major role in the success of the TRS party because Chandrababu, a leader from Andhra Pradesh, took the lead. But other leaders from the party maintain that the TDP was not the main reason behind the failure. However, there are others in the alliance such as CPI, and TJS are objecting to TDP being a part of the alliance. After learning all these factors, Congress is taking time to decide on TDP’s position in the alliance.

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