Mamata histrionics dent her credibility
             Mamata Didi histrionics crossed all limits. She not only spoils entire political atmosphere but also drag bureaucracy in to dangerous precedent. she wants to run the state as per her whims and fancies bypassing all constitutional norms. CBI is a central probing agency and functions as an independent body for which Director will be selected by Prime Minister, Chief Justice of India and opposition party leader. Though it is an independent body, its function marred with allegations of corruption, partisanship and hand in glove with ruling party in power. In the recent past, there is a serious charge that Vijay Mallya fled the country after diluting the norms of look out notice by CBI. It is now under probe. Despite all these shortcomings, CBI played significant role in unearthing large number of frauds took place in the country. Its track record has brought laurels to the investigation. The shortcomings and loopholes should not alone dominate while assessing the role of prestigious investigating agency. In a systematic and motivated manner, the political class who are not comfortable tarnished the image of CBI. As already told, it does not mean that all its functioning is sacrosanct. Particularly, the internal quarrels and open allegations one against other dented its credibility in the recent past. At the same time, we can not ignore the positive contribution of this institution. Hope the newly appointed Director will again bring the order and make it function without bias and true to its character.

          Referring to the present episode, the vested interested elements in connivance with the politicians in power cheated lakhs of people and ruined their lives by floating schemes and attracting crores of rupees. As per official figures,  irregularities to the extent of Rs.2500 crores found in Saradha scheme and Rs.10000 crores found in Rose Valley scam.As on now, it is calculated much higher. Several politicians were interrogated, arrested along with company people. Though the probe started in the year 2013/2014, it is yet to close. In this process only, Rajiv Kumar was summoned for interrogation in August 2017 and reminded twice afterwards but he did not turn up.Finally CBI wrote to DGP in August 2018 seeking interrogation of four IPS officers but no positive response. Instead, three of them including Rajiv Kumar approached High Court for relief. High Court ordered CBI not to resort to coercive measures but not stayed enquiry totally.

       In this background, CBI went to Rajiv Kumar's house for interrogation which is as per CBI manual only. Immediately, Mamata created a scene where CBI officers were dragged to police station and she started Dharna as if state powers were encroached by Centre. Exactly, 17 years back Mamata sat in the indefinite Dharna against State Government headed by CPM. At that time she conducted for protection of rights of common man. This time she sat on Dharna for protection of corrupt officer. Earlier one brought her in to power. This one may erode her credibility and pave the way for her loosing power.

       CBI approched Supreme Court against the non-cooperation of Police Commissioner, State DGP and also State Government. Supreme Court now ordered Rajiv Kumar to appear before enquiry at Shillong. At the same time, Court directed CBI not to arrest him and also not to adopt any coercive measures. Both Central Government and State Government claim moral victory.

     There are serious issues involved in this Drama enacted by Mamata. Number one, she does not want any probe further. Number two, wanted protection to the IPS officers. Number three, brought bureaucracy under cloud and expose them for departmental action by the Union Government. Number four rallied all opposition in support of such dirty action. Politically speaking, she wanted to become leader of the alliance for onward choice of PM's candidature in case of getting majority. Secondly, she wanted to divert the attention from growing BJP clout. But people are now a days are smart enough to understand the game plan and under any circumstances, never support corruption. 

    Coming to the Modi angle, this whole episode may help him in rebuilding the image as if he is trying to punish the culprits and opposition is ganged up to protect themselves from their corrupt practices. This narrative is very much on the cards and chances of people inclining towards this narrative are more. Overall, this episode dented the credibility of Mamata. This along with restrictions on rallies of various BJP leaders may damage the image of her in the coming elections. 

       Another important development is that Modi can use this incident to bring changes in service rules. As on now, these all India cadre officers are under State Government control and the same may be tweaked by Union Government using Kolkata episode an alibi. One way, Mamata helped Modi to bring these officers in to his grip. Opposition may cry again as if it is erosion of state powers but weapon is provided by them by ganging up and provoking bureaucracy. Developments are moving faster. Let us wait and see