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AP formed with very commitment of SCS: Gulam Nabi Azad

Amaravati:Demanding to provide Special Category Status to AP before completing the tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi if he had some respect on Constitution of India, the Congress senior leader and Jammu and Kashmir former CM Gulam Nabi Azad stated that the very formation of AP was based on the commitment of SCS.

Financial assistance to the newly formed state which has to construct the capital must be funded by the central government, but the Narendra Modi did not support it, said the Azad, while addressing at the Dharma Porata Deeksha at AP Bhavan in New Delhi on Monday

He said that the present government has to honour the promise given by the previous government. Only in dictatorship, the new Prime Minister will not honour but in any democratic country it should not be happened, like what Modi has been doing in the country.

If Modi has some respect for the constitution, federal system of functioning of the India, before he goes, he should announce the Special Category Status to AP, he added.

“Except Chandrababu Naidu, no one could rule the state even for a one week. By virtue of his experience and capacity and capability only he has been able to run the AP. Otherwise no one could run the state.”, he said.

Azad said that, “I came this Andhra Bhavan after four decades. That to meet Chandrababu Naidu. I had an opportunity to attend Chandrababu Naidu’s marriage for three days in Chennai. Our association can be traced out from there, even though we had political differences. Inspite of being in different political parties, our mutual respect exist”.

“Modi is the first PM of India who doesn’t bother about the sentiments of other political parties. For him, his party is first and his party is last. He is not bother about the country, unity and integrity of country, welfare of country, doesn’t care about farmers. Never before so many farmers’ agitations took place ever before. Rampant suicides took place in the country by farmers in his tenure. People collected the skulls of farmers who committed suicides and brought them to Delhi capital. I saw for the first time in my life. And yet, the Prime Minister did not bother. Long march from different parts of Maharashtra and agitated. The farmers were mercilessly beaten in New Delhi. Six farmers were shoot at site in Mansoor by police. This farmer is anti farmer and killer of farmers.” 

Prime Minister said Beti Padavo and Beti Bachavo. But, he decreased the budget allocations for education for girl child.

For the first time, we heard the rape of 2 year to 8 girls. In Jammu Kashmir, a Tribal girl of 8 year was raped and killed. The entire country was on the roads against the culprits. But, two cabinet ministers of BJP went to the place where the crime happened and did not allow police to arrest the culprits. This is shame on the country, Azad added.

When the BJP was in government in J & K, the highest civilians were killed, police were killed, seize fire violations took place, highest ever collateral fights took place and then the BJP came out of the government.

The North Eastern states are climatically, geographically, linguistically different and sensitive. But, the BJP and Prime Minister toppled our government. 2015-16, the new chief minister election was shamelessly.

The entire North Eastern states are on fire against the Modi. He played with the integrity and unity of the nation.

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