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You know what is the most powerful tool Pakistan has against India?

It's neither the ISI nor the Lashkar, neither the Hizbul nor the Jaish.   

It is the powerful coterie of the Lutyen's gang who are ready to support and defend the terrorists with their subtle, sophisticated, intellectual treachery and create a narrative that puts the country's interests under the carpet.

In 1990-93, when Kashmiri Pandits were being killed, raped and forced to leave valley - 500,000 of them, the Lutyen's cabal was either silent or giving it a subtle political colour trying to turn the tables against the KPs for their misfortune. Articles were written and news anchors saying how KPs were occupying disproportionately high number of posts, power and money in the valley, and oppressing the poor Muslims.

In 1999, if there was an organisation that pressured Vajpayee to release the terrorists, it was this Lutyen's coterie which day and night played clips of how angry relatives of 170 odd passengers were against the government and created a narrative that not just the relatives but entire country wanted to secure the passengers and release the terrorists. 

Today the same coterie is blaming Atal Ji for yielding to pressure and releasing three deadly terrorists. They have conveniently brushed the fact that it was the constant 24x7 pressure that media created on government to yield to the demands. 

In 1999, it was the coterie of Lutyens gang which was broadcasting live the forward and strategic positions of Indian Army during Kargil war. That led to a loss of hundreds of extra soldiers and stretched the war for another couple of weeks.     

In 2001 Parliament attack and subsequently, entire Lutyens gang became an apologist of Afzal Guru and peddled a narrative how an innocent Kashmiri was being framed. 

In 2006-09, it was this very Lutyen's coterie which fuelled the narrative of Hindu terrorism and Saffron terrorism. Be it Hyderabad attack, Ajmer blast or Samjhauta Express blast, the Lutyen's coterie continued to promote a fictional narrative of Hindu terror to shield Lashkar and Pak based organisations. This, despite the fact that US Intelligence agency clearly stated that it was Pak based groups who did Samjhauta blasts. 

In 2008 Mumbai attack, the Lutyens coterie once again started to broadcast every single movement and predicted all government plans live on TV. The handlers were having real time footage and plans of our agencies.

In 2015, the Lutyen's cabal became an apologist of Yakub Memon who killed 300+ people in Mumbai blast. Entire cabal signed his mercy petition, forced the SC to open at 3 am and trying their best to give it a religious/communal angle.

In 2017-18, every time Indian army took strong actions against terrorists or stone pelters, it was this very Lutyen's gang that defended them relentlessly on national television in the name of human rights and peace. 

In 2019, once again the Lutyen's cabal is trying to put the blame on Indian Army for their actions in Kashmir. This coterie is trying to paint how Indian Army's oppression is creating terrorists, thereby giving a sophisticated and subtle justification for terrorism. 

When that plan hasn't worked, they are now spreading lies and rumours that Kashmiris are being harassed across India. The news of 20 Kashmiri girls being cornered in Dehradoon turned out to be false. This news was a rumour which had its origins in tweets from the same Lutyen's gang. 

These are just the major incidents that I have mentioned. If I start to write the details, they have done this treachery every single day in the last 30 years. 

If you feel they are just neutral intellectuals who are upholding the values of secularism, human rights and values, you are falling in the same trap that they want you to fall in. They have a very deep and deadly agenda. If you still can't see it, open your eyes. The country has been rendered toothless because of the pressure created by these influential Lutyens coterie that wield immense power, prestige, international support and funding.

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