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The finest and smart military action in recent history

       The strong  urge of people in the country to punish Pakistan has been fulfilled to certain extent by Indian Air Force with the decision of Government of India. Prime Minister Modi  responded immediately after Pulwama incident very strongly and in a determined way. He openly warned Pakistan that they committed big mistake by sponsoring a terror attack on Indian paramilitary forces and will be responded in a befitting manner. Immediately after the incident, He called meeting of CCS and authorized Armed forces consisting of Air Force, Navy and Army to chalk out strategy to respond befittingly to Pakistan evil actions.

     Today (26th Feb) morning Air Force strike is planned in such a way that it will be remembered as one of the finest and smart action in the annals of military history. It targeted the goal with hundred percent precision, no single casualty to the attacking force despite entering deep inside into Pakistan territory, no recognition by enemy forces despite open challenge since the Pulwama incident, unprecedented and heavy casualties from terrorist camp( first of its kind) and no civil casualties, no confrontation with enemy army. That is why we can call it as finest and smart military action in the recently known military history.

     It is called as 'non-military preemptive action' and 'intelligence' led action. These two terms used by Foreign Secretary carries lot of meaning. As it is not targeted Pakistan military, it is called as non-military action. As it is not reaction to Pulwama but preemptive action on the credible information received about more suicidal attacks planned soon. similarly, lot of intelligence inputs were gathered from different sources prior to this action. These Air strikes are not conventional but high precision targeted action supported by the most sophisticated devises and technology. So, it is intelligence led action.

    This counter terror action can not be questioned by international society. Entire world knows that  several terrorist organisations are functioning from Pakistani soil but Pakistan always denies this charge. With this daring action, India showed to the rest of the world physically how terrorist camps were sheltered inside Pakistan. Prior to this action, UN Security Council passed a resolution condemning Pulwama terror attack by referring the name of Jaish-e-Mohammad. Also FATF placed once again Pakistan in grey list. These two decisions by international bodies made our task easy. Though these bodies directly endorse any military action , it gives legitimacy to our counter-terror measures. Already, Iran and Afghanistan blamed Pakistan for sponsoring terrorism in their countries. No country including China may not openly endorse Pakistan stand. It is nothing but total isolation of Pakistan in the international society.

     Its implications are many. It is first time India dared Pakistan by crossing international border deep inside its territory since 1971. It implies that Pakistan sponsored terror attacks will be repulsed by targeting goal posts inside Pakistan. It is a clear warning to Pakistan to mind its own business otherwise face the consequences. second, it is also warning to separatists in J&K that they can't play games within India unlike in the past. Thirdly, it is shown to the world that India on its own can decide if situation warrants meaning that India emerged as one of the global powers. Lastly, it is also given confidence to its neighbours that India is a trusted and capable ally in case of need.

    The barking of Pakistan that it will retaliate is only posture may not be real. In any segment, it is not a match to India. Economically, it is in very bad condition where as India is sixth largest economy in the world. Militarily, Pakistan is nowhere near to India. If Pakistan retaliates, it is nothing but digging its own grave. Baluchis are waiting to jump in to war field if any opportunity available. Its internal troubles will mount  and unpredictable issues will be unfolded. It will be no surprise if Pakistan reaches a broken state.

    This is the time , let all parties unite and teach a lesson to Pakistan.

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