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National Voters' Service Portal gives nightmarish experience

Though the Election Commission of India had extended deadline for enrolling new voters up to March 15, still website of the Commission is giving nightmarish experience to the people for registration online. They are not able to upload the data for registration and new applicants are saying it is taking at least 5-6 hours for registering an application due to internal bugs.

In fact, people, who want to enrol their names are facing difficulty to approach the BLOs and the officials are also not available due to hectic schedules. Lower cadre staff are advising the visitors to register online for easy registration. They suggest website of the Election Commission of India for quick registration rather approaching the BLOs or Revenue offices for submitting their applications before the deadline. Youngsters are also happy as they can do at home simply uploading the data like photographs, supporting documents that establish proof of age, address and others. But, the problem started with the website of ECI that directs to nvsp.in which is not responding to efforts of the new voters or people who wish to shift their votes from one constituency to the present ones.

Even though there is an option to check status of existing vote the site is giving no response to any kind of search. Because, previously data entry operators typed as they like and the people who desire to check their votes have to type similarly with mistakes, otherwise they cannot get search results. So, the available option to them is submitting fresh application assuming that they are having vote in a particular constituency and the fresh application asks to delete the old one and asks for new entry in the present constituency. But internal bugs are bothering them as they cannot easily get the district and constituency.

Basically, the internal bugs such as once State of the visitor is selected it immediately stops giving further data of the district and particular constituencies in it. So, visitor has to wait for some time and again try for the data. But, the solution is have to select another state and again back to the home state and sometimes they luckily get the data. "Even though we have completed filling the online application with required attachments it finally crashes and fails to upload the application. So, have to start freshly and try to upload it. It is taking 3-4 hours for an application basing on luck of the person. I have tried 3-4 days and finally uploaded the application," said Ravi Teja from Nellore city.

Even though, they are mentioning EPIC number given in the previous voter identity card for shifting their vote, they are unable to fine details of the previous vote and there has been no response, he lamented. 'This site cannot be reached' is a common message as and when visitors try to upload the data.

"Only problem was with basic details of their area which is giving trouble for uploading applications. The application without their area is being rejected by the site. But, the internal bug has not been corrected for quick access to the people and the deadline has to be extended," said Rama Krishna, a techie from the city.

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