Government employees Comments On TDP leaders
The State Government Employees Association took strong objection to the comments made by some TDP leaders against employees. Association president Suryanarayana took objection to the TDP leaders criticising the government system.

Speaking to mediapersons here on Friday, he sought apology from TDP legislator Kurugontla Ramakrishna for using un-Parliamentary language and threatening a State government employee. He said that the MLA threatened a Bay Food Technical Assistant (BFTA) on Thursday morning in a phone conversation which went viral.

"He was questioning the employee on postal ballots. Though the employee pleaded ignorance, the MLA continued his tirade.' He said he had brought the issue to the notice of the Chief Election Commissioner at New Delhi and he, in turn, had instructed the Nellore District Collector to enquire into the matter and submit a report.

 He also asked the Chief Minister to rein in his partymen who were misbehaving with the State government staff. He, while condemning the remarks, said because of Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu criticism towards Chief Secretary L V Subramanyam and Chief Electoral Officer Gopalakrishna Dwivedi, the TDP activists were emboldened to misbehave with the government employees with unbridled arrogance.

Suryanarayana also blamed employees' unions which toed the line of the TDP government for the past five years. "Some leaders cheated the employees by blatantly supporting the ruling party for their gains."