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Real Estate Boom In Amaravati With Talk Of Jagan As CM

What did Jagan do as the leader of the Opposition in the last five years? He has earned credibility through his yatras, through his speeches and his fighting spirit. He has also displayed unswerving patience and perseverance. In five years, he has achieved an image makeover seldom achieved in politics. This Praja Sankalpa Yatra endeared himself to the people as he stayed with them, walked among them and worked with them.  His speeches on special status have endeared him to the youth. When he found that his voice was being stifled in the Assembly, he took to streets and emerged as a powerful opinion maker.

Interestingly, contrary to the fears that his coming to power would sound death knell for the real estate boom in Amaravati, Jagan said that the capital would not be changed if he became the CM. He also said that there would be no forcible land acquisitions.  All these have turned out to be catalysts for the real estate boom. The results of Jagan's assurances are there for all to see. The realty is booming in Amaravati, despite the talk of a regime change in Andhra Pradesh.

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