Fraudsters from Andhra TDP to BJP

There was news all over again last couple of days that 4 TDP Rajyasabha MPs were joined BJP and Vice President facilitated this operation as smooth as possible and illogically categorized them as BJP MPs from AP. Leave alone switching parties from TDP to BJP, 3 of the 4 MPs from AP are fraudsters involved in money laundering all the time. CBI had raided recently their houses and sieged lot of documents. The irony in Indian politics is majority of politicians and political parties are corrupt and have no values and BJP is no exception for this. BJP made huge allegations against them until recently and TDP strongly condemned these allegations as vindictive. Now TDP leaders are saying these MPs are involved in major scams and switched to BJP to protect from CBI. Strangely, BJP is now their protector, defending them now and arguing they are not guilty until proven. Worst kind of politics nowhere seen except in India. Now so many trolls are swirling around in social media that Nirav Modi and Vijay Malaya had unnecessarily moved outside the country and instead should have switched to BJP and get protection.