International Tiger Day 29 July 2019
In 2010 at Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit on 29 july was declared as the International Tiger Day to generate awareness across worldwide to converse tiger.

The natural habitats of these big cats (and many other species of wildlife) continue to thin as their territories grow fragmented, artificial and more distant from each other, cutting tigers off from their kind. Poaching and trading of tiger parts are less of an issue today than it was decades ago but it continues to plague conservation efforts to an extent. 

Encroachments into Protected Areas in forests is both inevitable and destructive to traditional forests and farmland, reducing green cover. As the size of wildlife reserves shrink, another big problem arises: conflict of tigers with humans in adjoining habitats.

 It was just a century ago that fewer than 1,00,000 tigers roamed in Asia. Today, that number has dropped dramatically to 3,000 in the wild.