Rajnath Singh, withdraw your statement

       Rajnath Singh came out with a bombshell that nuclear option is open in future. He said that there was an agreement that India will not use nuclear weapons first on its own but in future it may review it depending on circumstances. It is a serious drift from stated position all these years by India. Rajnath Singh's statement is dangerous. Whatever the situation on border, change in nuclear use status is not a responsible one.

 On Kashmir issue, entire nation was unified but on nuclear-use status issue divides not only nation but in the eyes of world countries, it will damage India's image. Pakistan provocation should not be the basis to alter our stand on usage of nuclear arms. The stand is threat to world peace. India should not fall under trap of Pakistan. Pakistan is a failed nation and its image among globe is known to everyone. India's clout among countries is totally different from Pakistan. India is prominent and prestigious country across the world. Its economy is one of the topmost in the global market. This type of statements from Government is ill conceived and immature.

  Pakistan's efforts to internationalise Kashmir is going to fail miserably. It is known to Government also. What made Rajnath Singh to issue such a statement ? Is it on his own or collective decision of Government? It is a serious matter.It is better to clarify immediately. Let Government come out officially with a clarification, otherwise damage will be severe across the world. Whatever goodwill earned by India all these years will be wiped out with this reckless talk by Rajnath Singh, the Defence Minister. Modi should intervene and come out with a statement.