Pakistan desperate on Kashmir issue

     Pakistan is playing religious card among Islamic countries to garner support for their stand on Kashmir. Though it was not by and large ignored by Islamic world, we should not take it lightly. Yesterday, Saudi Minister of State for foreign affairs and UAE foreign minister flew to Pakistan at the request of Pakistan to discuss on Kashmir. We are yet to know the reaction / response from these Ministers. It is a diplomatic initiative from Pakistan. Observers are feeling that it is nothing but an effort to pacify Pakistan but not to come out openly against India. Its impact will be known in due course of time. 

  Meanwhile, Pakistan leaders got raw treatment at the gathering of protesters in London. They gathered to protest against Indian action on Kashmir. Pakistan sent leaders from POK to exploit the situation but their strategy boomeranged. Crowd threw eggs at them. However, we must notice that these elements are so provocative. They threw eggs, they damaged our embassy property twice. It is high time that India should take it seriously with England, otherwise we must threaten England that we  withdraw diplomatic channels. How dare England allow such things against our embassy. It is the duty of host country to protect our embassy. They failed their duty and responsibility. We must react seriously. 

 Indian diplomacy on kashmir issue is by and large successful. The western world reconciled to the situation. Though there are instances of speaking on human rights, no country officially embraced India till now. Pakistan is totally isolated. That is the reason, they are desperate to create some unrest in Kashmir. They are trying to infiltrate terrorists across the border, through sea and other means. The blockade of internet and mobile made their designs foiled. Till now, no serious untoward incident occured in Kashmir for which we applaud the security arrangements as well as the strategy adopted by Government. The opposition parties must behave responsibly. They should not play directly into the hands of Pakistan. The statements issued by Rahul Gandhi was used by Pakistan to tell the world and UNO that situation is abnormal and 'people are dying'. We can understand that there are lack of certain fundamental rights in J & K but it is the only way to minimise human casualties, that too when Pakistan is provoking, exporting terrorism. 

   Government's ultimate objective is to restore peace as and when these separatists elements and their designs are exposed to the large public. Meanwhile, Government initiated several steps to win over the common man. Recent meeting with Sarpanches is in that direction only. The present recruitment drive to the army and paramilitary is clear proof that people if given choice prefer to participate in Government. There is ample evidence that these separatists elements are threatening people not to support government measures. It will take some more time to come out openly defying these dictats. Till that time, we should not give scope to Pakistan to play its dirty tricks. Let opposition parties also understand this in the national interest.