Trump embarrassing India
        The relations between US and India are continuously towards  north but it also faces hurdles in between. The Trump administration is difficult to track. Sometimes, Trump says India is its strategic partner. Simultaneously, he cultivates Imran Khan and Taliban. Sometimes, he says the issue of Kashmir is bilateral and simultaneously, he says that Modi wanted his mediation. When Modi met Trump recently, it was once again clarified that India does not want any third party mediation. Yet, Trump spoke yesterday for mediation. Trump utterances became lot of embarrassment to Government. Opposition is trying to exploit the situation. 

     If the originally planned US- Taliban agreement materialises, its consequential implications are dangerous to India. Luckily, this arrangement did not reach in agreement last minute. Otherwise, India would have faced jihadi struggle in Kashmir for a long time. Trump never cared about consequences. When Taliban put condition after condition, Trump came down and came down which is not palatable to the security apparatus in US. No body in Defence circles has confidence on Taliban. Still Trump wants agreement. The present breakdown of talks is big setback to Pakistan. The elected Government was totally sidelined in talks at the behest of Taliban and Pakistan. This type of behaviour makes allies doubt about US. India is no exception.
    For the sake of reaching understanding with Taliban, Trump started cultivating Imran Khan as if suddenly there are good points in Imran and Pakistan. This type of sudden U-turns will make it untrust ally in the eyes of its allies. That is why, India wanted to strengthen its relations with Russia which proved to be time tested ally in case of need. Such feeling is not generating in the case of US despite strengthening of bilateral ties recently. India can not take risk of depending totally on one ally which is inconsistent in its behaviour. India should follow its own independent policy on foreign affairs.